Diagnostic Imaging

The MD Series of high end diagnostic displays ensure the highest level of image quality due to excellent luminance, uniformity, contrast and full DICOM Part 14 compliance. Backed by years of experience in the research and development of medical LCD displays, NEC offers a high quality range of true 10 bit grayscale diagnostic monitors such as the MD212G3(3MP) with an exceptional maximum luminance level of 1700 cd/m2 and the MD211G5(5MP) grayscale display, which delivers optimal image quality and performance for digital mammography.

Diagnostic Desktop Displays

  • Active front sensors ensure consistent brightness
    and contrast for worry-free viewing
  • Stable imaging and IEC 60601-1 compliance
    for most medical applications

Review & Referral


Ideal for review and referral applications, the MD Series clinical displays are DICOM preset color displays which have been designed with both reliable quality and affordability in mind. Unique built-in firmware features (which you will not find in off-the-shelf or system-bundled LCDs) make MD Series clinical displays part of your ideal healthcare solution.

Large Format Displays


The 21.3" NEC MultiSync MD211G5, LED-backlit medical-grade widescreen diagnostic display is designed for the demanding needs of healthcare professionals in medical imaging, mammography, full field digital mammography (FFDM) and tomosynthesis. This 5-megapixel model has an IPS panel to provide precise grayscale reproduction and wide viewing angles, as well as an integrated front sensor, which constantly monitors and adjusts brightness to maintain the factory DICOM GSDF calibration. The MD211G5 includes a four-way ergonomic stand, including height-adjust, swivel, tilt and pivot. The display offers both DisplayPort and DVI-D inputs, built-in two-port USB hub, and 13.5-bit lookup tables (LUTs) with 1024 levels of gray for smooth images and hardware calibration.

Diagnostic Desktop Displays

  • FDA clearance for mammography and tomosynthesis
  • Cost effective, DICOM-capable displays

Navigation Displays

NEC offers multiple options for navigation displays. The MultiSync E and EA Series are cost effective, fully featured monitors designed with business-class features including several that can be calibrated to the DICOM standard for use as a clinical review display. The MultiSync P and PA Series displays are DICOM capable displays designed to be used in modality, Hospital / Radiology Information System (HIS / RIS) applications or as navigation displays on workstations due to their stable calibrations.

Conferencing, Collaboration and Training

NEC is an industry leader in solutions for conferencing, collaboration and training and our products are ideal for applications in healthcare. Many NEC projectors and large screen displays offer DICOM simulation modes, improving viewing of radiology imaging when collaborating.

For general purpose conferencing, our M Series of projectors and E Series large format displays are cost effective, feature rich options with plenty of connectivity. For larger venues, we offer P, PX, and PH Series installation projectors that feature solid state light sources that deliver stable image quality over a long lifetime.

Our touchscreens and unique technologies like MultiPresenter provide new ways for people to collaborate and share information quickly and simply.

NEC's remote collaboration solutions can help employees on multiple campuses feel like they are all in the same room. Our NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub products include all of the hardware and software required to set up a collaboration room that works over either the LAN or WAN.

Hospital Information, Wayfinding and Signage

Providing dynamic information is an important part of improving the patient, visitor and staff experience. NEC offers multiple solutions for displaying information to hospital staff and visitors.

Kiosks and other interactive solutions enable hospitals offer a self-service wayfinding option to visitors, freeing up hospital staff. Touch-enabled information displays can also assist with patient queue management during registration.

We offer many solutions for providing signage throughout the hospital, from waiting area information to menu boards in the cafeteria to operating theater status displays, varying from smaller individual displays to large video walls.

Nursing, Administration and Back Office

NEC offers a wide variety of desktop displays for use in hospitals, doctor's offices and clinics. Our cost effective AccuSync desktop displays feature modern connectivity and solid construction and are ideal for reception, clerical staff and data entry workers. The MultiSync E and EA Series desktop displays feature larger screens, higher resolutions and are ideal for financial billing, patient record management and other administration and back office workers. Our MultiSync PA Series displays deliver accurate color and are ideal for marketing and creative groups.

  • Cost effective, DICOM-capable displays

Clinical Review Desktop Displays

To be effective for reviewing radiology imaging, clinical review displays require the ability to conform to the Digital Information and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) grayscale display function (GSDF) standard.

NEC's MultiSync E and EA Series desktop displays, fully featured monitors with outstanding power efficiency and excellent display quality, are the ideal choice for balancing performance with environmental and budget considerations. These displays feature a DICOM simulation preset, so they can double as clinical review displays in a doctorss office.

For those offices with higher requirements, the NEC MultiSync P and PA Series as well as select MultiSync EA Series have a factory calibrated DICOM preset and can be recalibrated to ensure ongoing conformance to the DICOM standard.