Diagnostic Desktop Displays

NEC diagnostic displays deliver the highest level of image quality due to high brightness, uniformity, contrast and DICOM Part 14 compliance.
Active front calibration sensors and the included software GammaCompMD QA provides stable and accurate imaging for the life of the display.

MD210C2(2MP) MD211C2(2MP) MD210C3(3MP) MD211C3(3MP) MD212G3(3MP) MD302C6(6MP) MD211G5(5MP)

DICOM Preset Displays

NEC offers several displays featuring a factory calibrated DICOM preset. These are useful as navigation displays or any non-diagnostic application where previewing content in a DICOM setting would be useful.

E223W E224Wi E232WMT E233WM E243WMi E245WMi EA193Mi EA223WM EA224WMi EA234WMi EA244UHD EA244WMi EA245WMi EA273WMi EA274WMi EA275UHD EA275WMi EA294WMi EA305WMi PA242W PA272W PA302W PA322UHD-BK-2

DICOM Calibration Displays

NEC has several professional and business desktop displays that can be calibrated to the DICOM standard. These displays are compatible with the GammaCompMD QA software solution and can be used in applications where radiology review and referral are needed.

EA244UHD EA245WMi EA275UHD EA275WMi EA305WMi EX241UN P212 P232W P242W PA242W PA272W PA302W PA322UHD

Clinical Desktop Displays

NEC clinical displays provide excellent image quality in a calibrated mid-brightness display. With features like Digital Uniformity Correction, DICOM Part 14 compliance out of the box, active front sensors on most models and the included software GammaCompMD QA, these displays remain stable and accurate.

MDC212C2(21") MD242C2(24") MD302C4(30") MD322C8(32")

DICOM Large Format Displays


Ideal for review and referral applications, the MD Series clinical displays are DICOM preset color displays which have been designed with both reliable quality and affordability in mind. Unique built-in firmware features (which you will not find in off-the-shelf or system-bundled LCDs) make MD Series clinical displays, which are factory calibrated to the DICOM Grayscale Display Function.


DICOM Simulation Projectors

The NEC M, PA and PX Series installation projectors with DICOM Simulation mode offer medical educators and training professionals the ability to display medical images in meeting rooms or larger conference rooms with the required grayscale levels and with exceptional detail and clarity. With it's brightness of 4000-8000 ANSI Lumens and 1920 x 1200 High Resolution images these projectors offer exceptionally high quality imaging that allows clear analysis of images in a Conference or Training application. NEC M, PA and PX Series Projectors allow supersized viewing for non-diagnostic purposes.

M403H P502H P502HL PA522U PA622U PX602UL (black) PX602UL(white) PX803UL (black) PX803UL (white) PX1004UL (black) PX1004UL (white)